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Make sure Your Current Home is Ready to Sale

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If you purchase a new home through Kinger Homes, our preferred real estate partners will agree to help you sell or lease your old home!

Don’t worry about the fear of not being able to get out of your old home! Kinger Homes has helped many clients, just like you, get into the home of their dreams by helping them find the right solution for their old home! Find out how much your old home is worth & get a free home evaluation from one of our local real estate experts today!

Tips for selling your
current home

Influence a buyers first impression.  The preparation process to selling a home can be a huge project in itself. The following areas will help set the stage for a successful home sale.

Home Exterior
    • Remove debris (visible leaves, branches, pine needles, etc…) from the yard and from the roof/gutters.
    • Pressure wash/clean wood and trim to remove spider webs, dirt. Caulking and touch-up paint may then be needed.
    • Make sure outside patios and decks are clean of debris. Ensure all lawn furniture, gas grills and exposed wood are in good condition. Decks will often need to be pressure washed and treated to rejuvenate seasoned wood.
Home Interior
    • Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling areas in your home. Re-caulk bathroom tiles if needed and clean to remove any mildew.
    • Minimize and remove countertop clutter. Removing accessories and/or smaller secondary appliances will create a more spacious feeling kitchen.
    • Keep floors clean at all times. Vacuum carpets thoroughly, clean if needed.
    • Replace old furnace filters. This will minimize dust accumulation on furniture and floors.
    • Ensure all exterior and interior doors open and close properly. If doors stick or folding doors are off track, repair them, clean door hardware.
    • Clean all windows.
    • Minimize clutter and pack items you don’t use. Closets will appear much larger when filled with less items. Cluttered closets and other storage areas may accentuate a storage problem.
    • If your home appears darker during the daylight hours, keep curtains and blinds open and if necessary keep some additional lights on. Well-lit areas give an air of spaciousness. Ensure all lighting has properly working light bulbs and proper wattage at all times.
    • If your home has trendy bright or dated colors, you may be limiting potential buyers. Many buyers are unable to envision possibilities. Consider re-painting your rooms in softer, more neutral colors for a faster sale. This will also give the potential buyer a clean palate to help visualize the home as their own.
    • If you have pets, try your best to keep them out of the way when showing your home. If not possible, display a note card (that can be seen near the entrance to your home) stating you have pets. Give specific instructions to ensure the safety of your potential buyer and your pets.

If you feel there may be a pet odor, wash everything you can; clean the carpet and flooring, and keep pets to a specific area.

    • Keep lawn cut and trimmed.
    • Prune and maintain all shrubs and plants. Remove any dead plants.
    • Fresh pine straw or yard mulch will do wonders to freshening the look of your yard.
    • Keep surface water drainage areas and natural streams free from debris that may cause water to stand or stagnate.
    • Ensure all tools, bikes and toys are neatly stored.
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